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Type II Diabetes is a serious health condition that generally results when the body is unable to properly process excess amounts of glucose circulating in the blood stream. More commonly occurring in adults, type II diabetes does not require insulin injections for management, but rather can be controlled by careful adherence to a low Glycemic index diet.

Lower Your Disease Risk

Nutritionists have long been advocates of the premise that high Glycemic index foods should be limited in our diets in order to promote low blood sugar and its related damage to other organs in the body. In addition to being directly related to type II diabetes, a diet consisting of primarily high Glycemic index foods has also been associated with stroke, heart disease, kidney failure and even nerve damage to the lower extremities of the body.

Get Tested

Type II diabetes is often referred to in medical circles as a silent killer, primarily because most people who suffer from it are not aware they have it. Due to its insidious nature of presenting no obvious symptoms, type II diabetics are often unaware of just how serious their condition is because although the deficiency of insulin is a viable health risk, the pancreas struggles very hard to produce some insulin in order to keep the body functioning, which makes early detection difficult.

Change Your Diet

Type II diabetes can be readily controlled by a careful adherence to a diet that is based primarily on consumption of low Glycemic index foods interspersed with a minimum of high Glycemic index content. A well-balanced diet for someone who has been diagnosed with type II diabetes should consist of low Glycemic index foods. In addition, consideration should be given to:

  • Foods low in bad fats. Foods known to be containing bad fats include anything fried in hydrogenated oils like French fries, onion rings, etc. These foods should be totally eliminated or severely restricted for any diabetic.
  • Try to limit protein intake to those products prepared with full fat dairy products. Poultry, wild caught fish, grass-fed, free range and organic meats should be in your diet as well.
  • Carbohydrate consumption should be restricted to gluten free grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables.
  • Increase consumption of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Some nutritionists believe that consumption of uncooked, raw vegetables can actually reduce and sometimes eliminate the detrimental effects of type II diabetes.
  • Choice of food should be relevant to variables such as vitamin, mineral and fiber content.
  • Have at least one low Glycemic index food at every meal while severely limiting highly processed, starch laden foods like potatoes and refined breads and pasta.
  • Instead of plastering salads with creamy dressing, use vinaigrette and healthy oils on the side.
  • Try dipping veggies in vinaigrette instead of pouring it on. You use much less that way.
  • Take smaller portions of food.
  • Eat slowly -give your stomach a chance to digest what you have eaten before you overload it. 

Foods with a low Glycemic index should be a part of a healthy eating plan, but there are other considerations for type II diabetics such as regulating meal times, limiting sugar intake, increasing fiber and protein, and adequate fat intake. Understanding Glycemic index can help control glucose levels and cholesterol levels which will go a long way in promoting overall good health.

Tarja Anchor

Triphala Churna

Ayurvedic Natural Gentle Colon Cleanse and Liver Detox for type 2 Diabetes support

Triphala Churna has been used for many generations to safely and gently cleanse and detox the colon and organs, as well as toning the colon walls and balancing metabolism. 

Preclinical studies show that Triphala Churna is a potent antioxidant and support in resolving many disorders.

Gentle Triphala Churna Detox Cleanse Support:

  • Decrease free radicals in digestive system.
  • Stronger colon wall.
  • Liver Detox, blood detox, and clearer skin.
  • Gentle colon detox and cleanse. Suitable for daily use.

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