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Benefits of Colon Cleanse

Healthy digestive system is a must in order to have a healthy mind and body. Colon cleansing has undeniable benefits. Unhealthy modern diet, processed food products, overuse of pharmaceutical drugs are major causes of digestive disorders and discomfort. 

It is possible for an individual to address all of these root causes to achieve optimally healthy digestive track. Colon cleansing can help in healing form other health challenges much faster, than elimination of the root cause of unhealthy colon alone.

How Do We Become Toxic

The downfall of the immune system many times does start in infancy. Mothers who believing the doctors advice for convenience, or are facing the fact there's no milk rising, are forced to feed the baby with formula instead of breast milk. This may many times lead to problems with the tonsils and adenoids, both possibly requiring surgical removal in doctors opinion later on weakening the body's ability to detox.

Environment, personal care products, and diet are the most important factors to consider when pondering how our body starts to have too much of a toxic load. We make bad choices what comes to diet and decide to eat foods that contain lots of toxins. Then we have habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and sedentary lifestyle, that cause us to take in and accumulate toxins in more rapid fashion. 

Personal care products are high on the list as a cause of toxicity. It is very important to choose soaps, perfumes, toothpaste, shampoo etc. from a brand that uses natural nontoxic ingredients. Environment we can not get away from, but we can choose less toxic environment to live in.

Signs of Body Toxicity

  • Poor digestion, bloating, gas, coating on the tongue.
  • Poor sleep, insomnia, always exhausted.
  • Skin conditions, acne, oily skin, eczema, dry skin, patches on skin.
  • Joint and muscle pain.
  • Foggy brain, memory problems, confusion.
  • Unstable mood, depression, anger etc.

Side Effects of Detox

  • Discharges like production of mucus.
  • Headaches
  • Breakouts
  • General discomfort

Diet is the most important aspect in keeping the detoxification processes active and adequate. When you change form meat based diet to a vegetable based diet you'll have all kinds of changes happening in your digestive system. It is normal and expected to feel discomfort during this kind of changes. 

It is important to go slowly, relax about the idea of detox, not to try to be perfect, and be patient. Especially with dietary changes the changes can be very strong. When trying to come of coffee or sugar it can be quite beneficial to have just a tiny bit of it, like a teaspoon of coffee. Generally speaking, some uncomfortable symptoms are expected.

Who Should Not Detox

Winter time is a good time to let the body rest. Detox is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. During pregnancy it is only recommended to clean the diet and focus on eating healthy and pure food, mostly organic, GMO free, grass fed, and a wide variety.

Raw Food and Vegan Diet

Vegan or vegetarian diet is a great option for a detoxification for short periods of time. I don't recommend to anyone to permanently only eat vegetarian or vegan diet. There are plenty of clinical studies that demonstrate how important it is to obtain some nutrients from animal products. The most obvious example is B12 vitamin.

Some symptoms indicating raw food or vegan diet is not for you;

  • Brittle hair
  • Dry, patchy skin
  • Excessive gas
  • Constipation
  • Feeling spacey
  • Moodiness

Detox and Skin Care

When we think about detox and body cleanse, we often forget the skin. The skin is the largest organ and a direct continuation of the gut lining. The micro organism of the skin are as important as the ones in your gut. Triphala Churna address also the detox of the skin and not just the digestive track.

Colon Cleansing and Mental Health

Digestive system has been referred to as the other brain. One of the reasons for this is the discovery, that most of the serotonin is in your gut and not in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and an important factor in brain function and mental health. This way overtaxed digestive system and cleansing the colon has a definite effect on the brain and mental health.

Fiber and Colon Cleansing

Our grandparents ate many times the amount of fiber than most of us do now. They ate more unprocessed fresh produce with much more nutrients. Depending on the nature of digestive discomfort, there are many different types of fiber to aid digestion. 

Sudden increase in fiber content also require increase in water consumption. Otherwise colon may become too dry and make the situation worse. No matter what kind of fiber is added in diet, it is important to make sure there is enough fluid to keep fecal matter soft and moving.

Methods of Colon Cleansing

There are many different approaches to keep the digestive track working well and optimally healthy. Adding fiber is a common way to increase fecal matter and peristaltic movement of the colon and thus aid in cleansing the colon. 

Unfortunately many colon cleanse products are very harsh to the digestive system, and in some cases create a situation where the normal function of the colon is lost. It can be hard to discontinue the use of a overly stimulating colon cleansing product. Strong laxatives are sometimes a good option to resolve occasional severe constipation. 

Colonic is a therapy used to flush the colon with warm water by a therapist with a specific equipment at the colonic clinic. Sometimes certain therapeutic substances are added in the water to enhance the cleansing effect. Healthy diet is definitely the best way to cleanse the colon gently every day, since we are exposed to accumulating toxins every day.

Tarja Anchor

Natural Colon Cleanse and Liver Detox

Triphala Churna has been used for many generations to safely and gently cleanse and detox the colon and organs, as well as toning the colon walls and balancing metabolism. 

Preclinical studies show that Triphala Churna is a potent antioxidant and support in resolving many disorders.

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