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Completeplan Nutraceuticals®

COMING SOON --Clear Mind Complex

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Clear Mind Supplement Complex for Women, Men, Adults, Children | Formula Designed for Memory Improvent, Concentration and Focus | Ideal for Morning Supplement | Natural Ingredients for Neuronal Cells

  • • 50 YEARS OF RESEARCH: Our Clear Mind Supplement Complex has been researched and developed for over five decades. Effectiveness demonstrated in six clinical trials.

  • IMPROVE MENTAL PERFORMANCE: Using a powdered extract of a traditional salutary plant, the Clear Mind Supplement Complex features CDRI 08® for memory retention and re-call.

  • CALM FOCUS AND CLARITY: Unlike some memory supplement pills, ours provides you with a calming influence, allowing you to stay focused even during stressful situations.

  • SUPPORT NEURONAL HEALTH: Our memory brain supplement actually supports neuronal cell health, while also promotion neurotransmitter balance and intraneuronal communication.

  • GREAT FOR ADULTS AND KIDS: Stimulant free, our focus and concentration supplement can be used by adults and children over the age of 6. Support and maintain cognitive health!

A Memory Health Supplement Clinically Shown to Improve Mental Performance

A natural way to support your memory, concentration and ability to learn, our

Clear Mind Supplement Complex is the result of over 50 years of research and development. A formula that is safe and effective, we use CDRI 08 ®, a powdered version of the traditional salutary plant known as Bacopa Monnieri, in order to support your overall mental performance.

After six clinical trials and substantial backing by a large body of evidence, we are confident that this memory health supplement formula will help your:

• Memory Retention and Recall

• Concentration

• Focus

• Mental Clarity

• Information Processing

• Overall Learning

And, because of the neurophysiological actions included in our formula, taking it can also support your brain’s neuronal cell health, neurotransmitter balance, and intraneuronal communication.

A calm focus that allows you to concentrate even during stressful situations, adults and children over the age of 6 have demonstrated the positive effects of this advanced memory enhancing supplement. While you’ll find other supplements for concentration that use the power of Bacopa monnieri, our formula only uses the CDRI 08 extract, nothing else.

• Same Extract Used in Clinical Trials

• Stimulant Free

• Appropriate for Children and Adults

• Ideal for Students, Professionals, and Aging Individuals

Take care of your brain better. Give it the focus concentration supplement it needs for improved memory.

The only memory boosting supplement you can trust, click “Add to Cart” now!

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